Connecting Europe with World

European Union is very import and huge market of the world. We assist companies to develop business.
Our motto: have a smaller group of satisfied reliable partners than bigger group of not very satisfied.

European Union:

  • 28 sovereign states.
  • population 503,739,041.
  • headquarters of the largest corporates of the world.
  • single market involving the free circulation of goods, capital, people,services
  • the wealthiest region of the world.
  • high technology and modern industry market.

About Us

We are dynamic, professional company specialized in trade between Europe and India, our company provides services to foreign companies which want to enter Europe market. We help exporters and importers to find the satisfactory suppliers, buyers, product, service. Our assets are people, knowledge and hard work.

We offer service to :

  • Importers who would like to cooperate with manufactures.
  • Exporters who are interested in selling products in Europe and India.
  • Producers looking for materials and components for production.
  • Producers looking for commodity market



Our specialized department in New Delhi has been co-operating with the subcontractors/vendors of world known Tea and Coffee brands like Lipton (Tea Bags) and Nescafe (Instant coffee). We supply companies and clients under following group of products:

• Special Teas (Darjeeling)  • Black Tea (Granulated and leaf tea)  • Coffee (Instant and beans) • Onion Flakes and Onion Powder  • Black Pepper & all Spicies  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables  • Rice


We offer our Clients a wide range of specialized services that include sourcing, quality inspections and compliance audit in textile industry. Our Sourcing and Buying Department in New Delhi cooperate with factories which produce for such companies like:

• Quiksilver  • Roxy  • Nautica  • Timberland  • Ralf Lauren  • Harvest  • Banana Republic  • Tommy Hilfiger  • O’Neal  • Orsay  • Brice  • Redskin  • YSL  • Reebok


We offer our Clients knowledge, experience, qualified employee aligning offer to individual needs of a Customer.We supply companies and Clients under following group of products:

• Food additives  • Fodder additives  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and household chemicals  • Chemicals and Minerals  • Regents  • Solvent  • Plastic  • Dyes

Contact Us


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Tel: +48 533 772 477